Showering is a great natural remedy to alleviate negative everyday symptoms such as anxiety, stress, and moodiness. It also helps against depression. Daily life is not easy at all, and most of the time all we want is to get home, have a shower, and take all the tension out of our body and relax.

 Just as we take our physical shower, we must also take our spiritual shower to remove dirt from our own Aura. This dirt, or negative energies, which we accumulate daily (in spaces, places, contact with other people, etc.) causes delays, difficulties, impediments, and obstacles. It is essential to take care of our energetic body.

 The purpose of Sacred WE Healing soaps is to help maintain harmony, balance, and peace by purifying and protecting the body and spirit from the negative influences that surround our being. They act directly on us, in our fields (spiritual and energetic body), removing the negative charges that prevent us from reaching our goals.